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Indiana Code 35-46-9-6 Operating a Motorboat While Intoxicated

A person who operates a motorboat while having an alcohol concentration equivalent to at least eight-hundredths (0.08) gram of alcohol per one hundred (100) milliliters of the person's blood or two hundred ten (210) liters of the person's breath;  or having a controlled substance listed in schedule I or II or its metabolite in the person's body; or intoxicated commits a Class C misdemeanor.


The offense is a Level 6 felony if the person has a previous unrelated conviction or the offense results in serious bodily injury to another person.


The offense is a Level 5 felony if the offense results in the death or catastrophic injury of another person.


It is a defense to a prosecution that the accused person consumed the controlled substance in accordance with a valid prescription or order of a practitioner who acted in the course of the practitioner's professional practice.