Katie Kawiecki is Here to Help With Your Lemon

If you are reading this, CONGRATULATIONS on your newest achievement…purchasing or leasing a lemon vehicle…. Welcome to the club!  As you look around wondering, is this a joke…you ask yourself what club?  Afterall, you’re pretty sure you didn’t sign up for any club when you purchased or leased your vehicle, right?  Or…did you?  Was it in the fine print you glossed over or forgot to look closer at?  As you think about all of the documents you signed at the time you purchased or leased your vehicle, you find yourself shaking your head no, you are confident that there was no club that the salesman at the dealership talked about.  So again, you ask…what club?  It is the lemon vehicle club!  

So, what is this exclusive club?  Well…. It’s an exclusive “membership” that allows you to experience what can only be described as a once in a lifetime unique experience.  But it’s not what you’re thinking.  Despite your desire to simply enjoy your brand-new vehicle in all of its glory, you have found yourself stuck with a vehicle that’s lacking in luster and all that the salesman sold you on.    

Now that you are part of the club, what does this unwanted membership offer you?  Funny you should ask….It’s an exclusive, front row, VIP package with backstage passes for you and your whole family including your extended family to any and/or all of the following:


  • A vehicle not performing or working the way you expected.

  • Repeated trips to the dealership to take your non-performing vehicle to get it fixed.

  • Repeated hours / days of missed work because of your lemon.

  • Large amounts of time spent sitting and waiting for your vehicle to be fixed.

  • Driving a rental around for extended periods of time because your vehicle needs to stay overnight or multiple days / nights.

  • Driving a rental, which is most likely not similar to the vehicle you purchased or leased while you are making monthly payments on your vehicle as it sits in the shop.

  • Dealership employees that have changed from friendly to well…let’s just say “frenemy” or that feeling of being ostracized as the number of attempts to fix your vehicle increases.

  • Increasingly frustrated as each day goes by.

  • Feeling like you are along and no one at the dealership understands you or your vehicle.

  • Making payments each month on a vehicle you’ve grown to dislike.

  • Feeling helpless because your vehicle appears more and more like the lemon you think it is.

  • Feeling helpless each time you get in your vehicle and wondering, is it going to work like it’s supposed to this time?

  • Feeling helpless as you vent over and over to family wishing your vehicle would work like it’s supposed to.

  • Any other feelings you may be experiencing or feeling as you endure this struggle to get your vehicle fixed properly under the warranty.

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