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Indiana Code 35-45-4-4 Promoting Prostitution

A person who knowingly or intentionally entices or compels another person to become a prostitute or juvenile prostitution victim; knowingly or intentionally procures, or offers or agrees to procure, a person for another person for the purpose of prostitution or juvenile prostitution; having control over the use of a place, knowingly or intentionally permits another person to use the place for prostitution or juvenile prostitution; receives money or other property from a prostitute or juvenile prostitution victim, without lawful consideration, knowing it was earned in whole or in part from prostitution or juvenile prostitution; or knowingly or intentionally conducts or directs another person to a place for the purpose of prostitution or juvenile prostitution commits promoting prostitution, a Level 5 felony.


However, the offense is a Level 4 felony if the person enticed or compelled is less than eighteen (18) years of age.